Thursday, January 31, 2008


Originally built for Stephen Lloyd Bryce in 1901 by Ogden Codman Jr., Childs Frick (son of Henry Clay Frick) purchased the house in 1919 and had alterations done by Sir Charles Carrick Allom.  Today the estate is operated as the Nassau County Museum of Art.  Much of the property is still intact, including many nature trails, open fields and ponds.  Click HERE to see where Clayton is on google earth. 

The rear of the house faces a large open field and pond.  The museum has placed a variety of large lawn statues all over the property.  The rear faces one on the pond.

On the property is a house built by the poet William Cullen Bryant in 1860 for Jerusha Dewey.

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Anonymous said...

are there any pictures of the estate as it was in the 1930's. photos of the household staff is a particular interest as my wife's great uncle was the head butler at the time