Thursday, January 31, 2008


Built for Harold Irving Pratt Sr. in 1906, first by Babb, Cook and Willard with later alterations by Delano and Aldrich and Olmsted landscaping.  The house is currently the Nassau County Holocaust Museum.  Harold Pratt was the youngest of the sons of Charles Pratt of Standard Oil.  The property is also a nature preserve, with lots of walking trails, streams, gardens and beach front.  Click HERE to see where Welwyn is on google earth.

The side of the house, which originally had a smaller garden now has a brick and stone garden with a large reflecting pool in the center. 

The rear of the house faces a very large open field that trails off into the woods.  During the estates prime, one would have been able to see the Long Island Sound from the rear.

The front of the indoor tennis court.

The indoor tennis court as it looks today.  The movie was supposed to pay for the repairs of the tennis court, but that never happened, and Mrs. Pratt, the only remaining inhabitant of the estate died shortly afterwards.  The court continues to fall apart to this day.

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