Monday, May 26, 2008


Built for Benjamin Moore and his family in what was then Syosset by Delano & Aldrich in 1924. The estate was named Chelsea after Moore's extensive land holdings in the Chelsea area of New York City. After the death of Moore's widow, the house was deeded to Nassau County and is now part of the Muttontown Preserve. Umberto Innocenti of Innocenti and Webel did the landscaping, and Ferrucio Vitale designed the pond garden.

The rear of the house faces two sides, this one towards the pond. Notice the moat that runs around the back of the house.

The rear of the house faces gardens and then an open field.

The pond.

At the end of the field in the rear of the house is this rusted wrought iron gate. There is a half moon of trees that culminate in these gates, and it appears they lead into the woods.

Click below to see 'Chelsea' with it's gardens intact in a 1966 aerial shot.

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