Wednesday, July 30, 2008

'Broad Hollow House'

'Broad Hollow House', the F. Ambrose Clark estate designed by Rogers & Zogbaum c. 1912 in Old Westbury. Clark was an heir to the Singer Sewing Machine fortune and was a very prominent race horse breeder and owner. His estate comprised over 400 acres, and unfortunately the main house was destroyed by fire in 1968. The property is now makes up most of the SUNY Old Westbury campus. Click HERE to see where 'Broad Hollow House' was located on google earth.

The stables complex still stands and is still partly in use.

Click below to see 'Broad Hollow House' intact and still standing in a 1966 aerial shot.


Suzy said...

Very interesting. I wonder if somewhere there might be records of the many servants who worked there?

Tom said...

Up until the late 70's and possibly the early part of the 80's lived a former servant to the Clarke Estate. It was a husband and wife named Mr. and Mrs. Williams. They actually lived in the "Arch'-B-Gate Road L.I.E Service Rd. Entrance. It was an apartment using both sides. There was some agreement made that they would be allowed to live there as long as they wanted to. I am sure if some research is done more information can be found about them.