Wednesday, October 15, 2008

'Wheatly' Chapel

The chapel at E.D. Morgan's 'Wheatly' estate in Old Westbury.


Unknown said...

I could swear ive seen this before

Anonymous said...

I used to live in this chapel when I was in high school (1969-1973) at Friends Academy in Locust Valley. Yesterday I found in an old collection of books I have had for many years a book entitled "Recollections for My Family" by E.D. Morgan and I got to thinking where I might have picked it up. So I tried doing some internet research on the Morgan family and found your website, with a picutre of my old house on Clocktower Lane.

Thanks for the memory.

Glenn said...

This seems impossible to me. My best friend and his Peruvian immigrant family lived there at exactly that time. And I know he went to public school. The chapel was owned by a Mrs. Tippit, relative of Joan Pason, owner at the time of the New York Mets. My friend's family were permitted to live there as caretakers.

Unknown said...


Just came across your comment. I think we actually bought the house from the Tippits. We lived there my senior year of high school -- 1972-1973 and my first few years in college before my family moved to California.

It was a great, great house. It had a tunnel in the basement to the main house where Mr. Morgan must have lived. We were told that he used it to get to the Chapel in the rain.

Cliff Gardner