Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winfield Hall Special Part 2

The second half of the September 4th, 1947 photo set of Frank Woolworth's 'Winfield Hall' in Glen Cove (taken when Richard Reynolds owned the estate).  Once again a very big thanks to StuccoHouse for sharing these photos with us! 


columnist said...

I suppose it's extrordinary (and good) that tastes have changed so much since these enormous edifices were built. Unless you have a fleet of staff to maintain them, they do take on that mausoleum quality; unless you entertain vast numbers, they do become a bit pointless. I think people with significant quantities of money nowadays understand that, and either decide they do not need to live like C19th or early C20th potentates, but recognise the beauty of smaller more intimate spaces, (for living). Having a huge acreage is quite a different prospect, however.

Anonymous said...

What a kill joy!