Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Leftover Cottage

'Leftover Cottage', pictured here in 1951 right after it had been used by Childs Frick and family as their personal residence during WWII and the period immediately following the war. Click HERE for more history on 'Leftover Cottage'.

Photos from the Library of Congress.


Unknown said...

It is sad to see it just rotting away.

Is this close to Cedarmere??

Zach L. said...

Yes it is just above Cedarmere. It sits on the grounds of 'Clayton', what is today the Nassau County Museum of Art. It is just down the drive beyond the house and off to the left in the woods. There are a few nature trails that lead you there.

There is a sign on it that says it was supposed to be restored in the mid '90's but they ran out of funding and nothing seems to have happened since.