Friday, March 20, 2009

Burrwood Ruins 2

Walter Jennings, vice-president, director and secretary of Standard Oil Co. had Carrere & Hastings design him an enormous home in Lloyd Harbor c. 1899. He also had the Olmsted Brothers design extensive landscaping for the property between 1915 and 1938. Click HERE to see what 'Burrwood' looked like.

A garden wall and stairs that faced the house, with a large urn visible in the distance.

The view from the top of the gardens, some ironwork is visible between the weeds.

A massive copper beach that sits at one end of the gardens.

The tea house.

One of the higher points on the property, this area has a low wall around the perimeter and an outcropping in the distance.

Beneath the balustrades sits a reflecting pool. When this was in working order you could have walked around either side and down a level.

The view from just beneath the southern terrace which is original to the house. The home had an incredible view over Cold Spring Harbor and out towards the Long Island Sound.

Click below to see 'Burrwood' intact and still standing in a 1953 aerial shot.

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Jay said...

Zach -- What a great blog! Thank you for documenting these sites. This is a real contribution. -- JP (a former museum professional)