Wednesday, March 4, 2009


'Oheka' was built for Otto Hermann Kahn by Delano & Aldrich c. 1915 in what was then Cold Spring Harbor. Numerous individuals had a hand in landscaping the estate, including the Olmsted Brothers, Beatrix Jones Farrand and Lewis & Valentine. Kahn was a financier, capitalist and was the president and chairman of the board of the Metropolitan Opera. Following Kahn's death the house went through a handful of owners before being reborn as 'Oheka Castle', a hotel and catering hall. Click HERE to see 'Oheka' on google earth. A very big thank you to 'Kyle in CT' for sharing these photos.

If you hadn't figured out already, the name 'Oheka' comes from Kahn's initials.

Click below to see 'Oheka' in a 1953 aerial shot.

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A timeline of the history of Oheka.