Friday, March 13, 2009

Rockaway Beaches 1903

Seaside Avenue.

The Bowery.

Arvern, near Rockaway.

The Kuloff.

The Nameoke.


Lidian said...

These are amazing photos - I am really interested in the history of Coney Island and Rockaway Beach so I am going to Stumble this one! My grandmother went to RB as a child in the 1890s and I have a lovely picture of her done at a photographer's (probably on the midway) with beachy backdrop and sand strewn on the floor.

Unknown said...

The Arvern looks like an amazing building.

Anonymous said...

google the Arvern and you come with this great article that i sent to zach about the social life of the day. evidently they hosted a lot of different parties.

Historically Vintage said...

Loved this blog submission... okay, I actually love them all. I agree about the Arvern, it was spectacular. I will certainly "google it". Thanks for sharing!