Friday, May 1, 2009

West Gate Lodge

'West Gate Lodge', designed by Harrie Thomas Lindeberg for himself in 1926 in Matinecock. Click HERE to see 'West Gate Lodge' on google earth. Click HERE to see the chapter on Harrie Lindeberg in SPLIA's LI Country Houses book. For those interested in more on Harrie Lindeberg, I recommend 'Domestic Architecture of H.T. Lindeberg'.

Photos by James Hogarty.


Anonymous said...

Please post more pictures of other works of the architect H.T. Lindeberg. These are great and the house is beautiful. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Zach - I'm not certain, but this may be my new favorite! Can you offer other photos of it, and as your other commenter requested, more onn Mr. Lindeberg? Truly lovely. I feel as if it was transported intact from Bretagne, rather than faux. Thank you, Robert

Anonymous said...

This house has a lot of similarities to Gray Craig the spectacular Middletown RI (Newport County) house designed by Lindeberg for the Michael Van Burens in 1926. Here is a link with some great photos from the sales brochure for that property. Enjoy.