Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sefton Manor

'Sefton Manor', built for Lillian Sefton Thomas Dodge by Colonel James Hollis Wells of the firm Clinton & Russell, Wells, Holton & George in 1923 in Mill Neck.  Dodge was the president of Harriet Hubbard Ayer Co., a cosmetics giant later purchased by Lever Brothers, Inc..  Today the house belongs to the Mill Neck Family of Organizations and had been used as the Mill Neck School for the Deaf, with the house taking on the new name of 'Mill Neck Manor'.  Click HERE to see 'Sefton Manor' on google earth.  The following pictures were taken with my cell phone immediately after a thunderstorm so the quality is not great but I hope to return soon to take better photos.

The view off the rear terrace.

The gardens and landscaping were designed by Charles W. Leavitt.

Click below to see 'Sefton Manor' in a 1966 aerial shot.

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Charles said...

Charles Wellford Leavitt was such a great garden designer!! He was a former student of " The Gunnery", a boarding school where outdoor activity was elevated to sacred statuts!!