Monday, July 20, 2009

Clayton in Summer

'Clayton', built for Stephen Lloyd Bryce c. 1901 by Ogden Codman Jr. in Roslyn. Later purchased by Childs Frick, son of Henry Clay Frick, the house is now the Nassau County Museum of Art. Click HERE for more on 'Clayton'.


Anonymous said...

I was here on Saturday from 2-6pm. It seems there adding an addition to the museum which will actually be a totally new building. At first I thought they were going to demolish Clayton and build on top but then I saw some renditions which featured the new monstrosity adjacent to Frick home.

Anonymous said...

It's Matt btw. Sorry

Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to understand how an organization with such a lovely old building for its use, could be insensitive enough to think its appropriate to mount the letters of a sign on the house and arbitrarily remove two shutters to make room.

Whenever I visit Long Island, I am amazed at the almost complete lack of taste in new construction and the additions and alterations to the lovely old buildings. It is a terrible shame.