Wednesday, August 26, 2009


'Oheka', the Otto Hermann Kahn estate in Cold Spring Harbor designed by Delano & Aldrich between 1915-17 and which sat on over 500 acres. Kahn was one of Jacob Schiff's proteges at Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and made his fortune mostly in railroads. He was a patron of the arts and was the director of the Metropolitan Opera. Kahn helped break stereotypes of Jews at the time who were excluded from gentile society. His house was the second largest private residence in the country (George Vanderbilt's 'Biltmore' being the first). Following Kahn's death the house became a retreat for sanitation workers from NYC and eventually a military academy. In 1984 the house was purchased and resurrected as a hotel and catering hall, the website of which can be found HERE. Click HERE to see 'Oheka on Demand', a new feature on their website which has old newsreel footage of the estate and of Kahn himself. Click HERE to see 'Oheka' on google earth.
The entrance into the courtyard.
The rear.
The garden facade and garden designed by the Olmsted Brothers. The entire garden had to be restored as it had been almost entirely destroyed during it's life as a military academy.
The view from the front of the courtyard.

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