Monday, September 14, 2009

When 'The Cliffs' Was For Sale

A brochure advertising 'The Cliffs', the James W. Beekman residence designed by Henry G. Harrison between 1863-65 in Oyster Bay. Beekman was a state senator and philanthropist and built one of the earliest estates in the area. Click HERE to see 'The Cliffs' on google earth.

Brochure courtesy of SPLIA.


Eric said...

WOW... I stumbled upon this blog by accident a few moments ago.

As a lover of history and its preservation, I am amazed to see this "Cliffs Estate" brochure.

Is it safe to say that this particular brochure is circa 1940's, 1950's?

Would you like a copy of the sales brochure for this propertu from Daniel Gale circa 2000?

I would love to contribute to this property's history, although I do agree with the posts in this blog's initial page that the house was butchered from within. I was the caretaker of this property from 1995 to 2001.

Eric said...


I resided in the "Superintendant's Cottage" which to this day (2011) is still there next toi the tennis courts.

I did notice from recent areal shots on Google Maps, that the new owners did plenty of new work there.

The property was owned by my former boss, a Saudi Prince who used 1026 West Shore Rd. as his East Coast residence when visiting the US and sold in early 2002 to an Asian couple who are doctors in Manhattan.

Example of new work thyat I can only catch glimpses of via Google Maps are:

It appears they created an extension of the driveway, creating a circular extension to that cottage.

The greenhouse still has a look of abandon as I found it and was never given funds or approval from the "prince" at the time oif his ownership to revive and restore it.

The "Stable and Carriage House" I believe is what sits at the very top of the property and end of the 1/2 mile long driveway.

In the mid 90's when I was there, the stable which had dissapeared in a fire many hears before was taken by the vegetation. I never knew of this part of its history until now. The carriage house which was a 3 car garage when I was persent seems to be the smaller structure in the left background of thie photo in your archive. That was used as a work shop when i was there.

Today the driveway appears to have been widened and repaved and I see what looks like pick up trucks parked in front. Google Maps will zoom in only so much but it looks like that was revitalized in some way shape or form.

If you would like more information and history from my period there, please feel free to e mail me I just ask that you do not publish my email once you have approved of my comments and contribution.

I currently reside in FL and if you would like a contact telephone, we can make that exchange later.

Thank you! And thank you for this blog... I find it interesting especially when we are flying to NY next week for vacation and my 8 year old son, who is fascinated with New York wants to know his dad's history so I am taking him on a tour of everywhere I lived since I was born in Manhassett, school work in Manhattan etc...

Eric San Germano

Anonymous said...

My grandfather bought "The Cliffs" in 1950 and we lived there until 1973 when my grandmother passed away. The estate was sold in 1984. We had great times "hunting", and fishing in the big lake. Sleigh riding down the big hill (the front lawn). It was the perfect place for myself and my brothers and cousins.