Friday, October 23, 2009

G.V. Whitney's Art Studio from The Architectural Review

The following spread on Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney's Delano & Aldrich designed art studio in Old Westbury is from a 1919 copy of The Architectural Review, via google books. Click the images to enlarge to full size.


Regina Joi Drucker said...

Thank you for the font of photos...this is always such a jewel to behold...wish it could be photographed in color and published in a limited edition to raise funds for a Charity in America...The Garden Conservancy?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Zach. I followed your link to the Google Books web page and they allow you to download a .PDF version of the entire January 1919 issue of The Architectural Review (for non-commercial use), since the copyright term has expired. An article on the George Brewster residence 'Fairleigh' is also in this issue. What a great resource for those of us intereste in architectural history! Thank you again.
- CDR from San Marino (formerly of NYC)

Anonymous said...

Bye the way, it was I who mentioned that the sign "Mr. F.P. Garvan, Roslyn House, Private, No Trespassing" read Mrs. F.P. Garvan. I am blown away that simple painted sign still exists. There was also a sign at the entrance to the Whitney property, adjacent to the Old Westbury Golf & Country club that read "G.M. Miller, Private" Thanks again Zach! -R.

Zach L. said...


Thanks so much for the memories. I would love to hear anything else you would care to share. You were living in Stone Arches at the very beginning it sounds like. I have family friends who were there then too, some of the stories I have heard made it sound like quite an odd place in the mid '70s.