Thursday, October 29, 2009

'Rosemary Hall'

'Rosemary Hall', the residence of Foxhall P. Keene designed by George Freeman in Old Westbury c. 1902. Click HERE for more on 'Rosemary Hall'. Pictures from the Architectural Record.


Anonymous said...

i don't suppose any of that formal garden survived? and what happened to that low patio wall that appears to surround the house in the arch. record photo. which brings up another question - since it appears a restoration was done, where and how was it for the last 100 years?

Zach L. said...

The garden is long gone, here is a link to what it looks like today on google earth:

The low wall is still there, follow my 'Click HERE' links and you can see current day pictures.

Anonymous said...

Zach i have pictures if you would like to see, but they are of the time my grandparents (Holloway) owned foxland contact eholl62543@aol.