Thursday, November 12, 2009

'Pond Hollow Farm'

'Pond Hollow Farm', the Julian Peabody estate designed most likely by himself (he was of Peabody, Wilson & Brown) c. 1910 in Old Westbury. The home was apparently PWB's earliest commission, designed in the 'Long Island Farmhouse mode' (SPLIA). The estate sits amongst a few other PWB commissions, including 'Sunridge Hall' and a sizable renovation of the Von Stade farm. The house underwent a significant renovation/remodeling in the past decade but it doesn't look as if anything major was added or removed from the house. Click HERE to see 'Pond Hollow Farm' on google earth.

As the rear looks in 2009.

Pictures from a 1915 copy of Architectural Record. Click below to see 'Pond Hollow Farm' in a 1966 aerial shot.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the house currently at this location is the same house. Several years ago, a substantial amount of work was done at the site and the resulting house appears to be new. If not, it is a totally awful re-muddling of the old house.


Zach L. said...

It actually is 'Pond Hollow Farm'. The bones of the house are still there, the sleeping porches in the rear, the Mount Vernon inspired portico etc. It did however have its clapboard stripped and replaced with brick, and it seems all of the landscaping has been removed. To be honest I thought for most of my life this house was built c. 1990 but if you look at the floor plan in the SPLIA book and the aerials you will see it is the same house.

Zach L. said...

Also, if you go backwards thru the years on, first 2006, then the one from the '80s and finally from the '60s, you'll see the house was always there.

Anonymous said...

gee, i just love what they've done with the place. they might as well have demolished it.

Unknown said...

Though it may have similarities to "Pond Hollow Farm" as viewed it does not come close to grandeur of the original. It has been ruined by removing the original landscaping especially the large Linden tree at the front entrance and the two European Larches at the rear porch.