Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Westbury Drive-In

The Westbury Drive-In, opened in 1953 on Brush Hollow Road with a single screen and expanded in the late '70s to three screens. As a kid in the early '90s this was one of my absolute favorite places to go see a movie, our technique was to back our Jeep into the spot instead of parking head in, then open the trunk and put the back seats down and my sister and I would have a little room in the trunk to watch from while our parents sat outside on beach chairs. The Drive-In closed in 1998, replaced by a 12 screen indoor theatre. The Westbury Drive-In was Long Island's last, the end written about in the NYTimes found HERE.

Click below to see the Westbury Drive-In in 1966 with a single screen, and below that to see it in 1980 with all three screens.

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Unknown said...

Will Westbury Drive-In reopen due to our present lifestyle of Social Distancing