Monday, January 25, 2010


'Shadowlane', the Charles E. Proctor estate designed by Little & Brown c. 1914 in Kings Point. Proctor was an artist and grandson of Isaac M. Singer of the Singer Sewing Company. The house was demolished in the early 1960s (but it sat on Kings Point Road).

Pictures from Architectural Record, 1914.

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Anonymous said...

WOW -this place has every architectural style all in one house. figures - they rip down an amazing place like this and leave all the prosaic neo-colonials. i take it that piece on the left end is the studio - i thought it must be a chapel until the last photo.
as poor as i am, i still can't look at destruction like this and the mess the area where BODLAW stood became and think development is a good idea. if only all those billionaires only put a few million toward preserving this kind of history........
PACK RATS- Turner, Maine