Friday, February 26, 2010

The John F. Scott Residence

The John F. Scott residence, designed by William Adams c. 1910 in Hewlett. Scott was a former stock broker and one of the founders of the Rockaway Hunting Club of Cedarhurst. It also seems he was a real estate broker in the Cedarhurst area. I don't know if the house is extant.

Pictures from Architectural Record, 1918.


Turner Pack Rats said...

Nope - they moved this to colonial williamsburg where it would fit right in as the governor's mansion.
i flew around hewlett with bing maps and i don't see a single spot big enough for this except right on the water where size does matter but good taste doesn't seem to.
as a colonial, its a masterful job.
i suppose in order to protect the privacy of the well-to-do that arch. record never mentioned what street these folks lived on. altho many have changed with over development in the last 100 years, if we knew that it might be possible to get in the right area.

Anonymous said...

Turner PR -
1915 Social Register only lists John F. Scott addrss as "Rosebank", Hewlett LI