Saturday, February 13, 2010


'Lenoir', the Rufus Lenoir Patterson estate designed by Grosvenor Atterbury c. 1915 in Southampton. Patterson was the founder and board chairman of the American Machine and Foundry Company. When Patterson's son Morehead took over A.M.F. they were making mostly cigarette rolling machines but by his death in 1962 they had become the leading maker of bowling equipment, especially after they debuted the 'Automatic Pinspotter'. They also produced pretzel bending machines, bicycles and motors. Most people today recognize A.M.F. exclusively with bowling. Click HERE to see 'Lenoir' on google earth.

Pictures from Architectural Record, 1918.


Turner Pack Rats said...

what a spectacular house and its own preserved little compound. is that big circle a fountain and did it have more land originally? also, seem to be some other equally spectacular homes nearby

Anonymous said...

The fountain is new and yes, the estate was subdivided and is for sale.

Philippe said...

see also following links: