Thursday, February 11, 2010

'Mayhasit' Interiors

The interior of 'Mayhasit', the Francis Lyman Hine estate designed by Walker & Gillette c. 1915 in Glen Cove. Click HERE for more on 'Mayhasit'.

Pictures from Architectural Record, 1918.


Anonymous said...

very nice. i hope they kept some of this when they converted to apts. even with the biG porch gone, its still a very impressive place and you don't have to go far for golf.

Anonymous said...

Unlike a lot of these houses, this one looks as if could have been made quite comfortable.

If Nancy Lancaster had been put in charge.

Charles said...

esI am commenting over a year after this posting-
I just tutored a girl who lives in this house. She has the livingroom, which features the fireplace shown in the picture. The fireplace is massive, beautiful, and in perfect condition. The ceilings are very high and you get such a feeling of space when you are in there. The backyard overlooks a huge pond and the front yard has part of the original landscaping. It is just beautiful!