Monday, March 8, 2010


More pictures of 'Ballyshear', the Charles Blair Macdonald estate designed by F. Burrall Hoffman Jr. c. 1913 in Southampton. Landscaping was done by Rose Standish Nichols and Annette Hoyt Flanders. Click HERE to see the brochure from when 'Ballyshear' was for sale.

Pictures from Architectural Record, 1916.


Jeff said...

An attractive house, but something doesn't sit right with me. There's something off here.... Maybe a random splash of architectural vocabulary trying to wear a dignified Georgian coat and blend in.

Nice to see floorplans though... keep 'em coming. I love floorplans.

Turner Pack Rats said...

JEFF -i think i see the problem. the roof is too tall. it looks like it wants to fall over. if you look at this on bing maps birds eye, it doesn't look as tall as it does in this pic but that roof !! they must have put the wrong spec in the drawings on rafter length. nice imposing hallway though and library - perfect - they should all be dark and panelled with lots of leather.

Anonymous said...

This house is incredible in person. As you pull up the drive the height and grand scale overwhelms anyone. the house is shaded with mature trees and ivy now so it is not bare as one might see in this photo. Truly one of the greatest homes on the east end