Wednesday, March 3, 2010

'Rosemary Farm' Interiors

Following yesterday's post on 'Rosemary Farm', the Roland Ray Conklin estate designed by Wilson Eyre c. 1907 in Lloyd Harbor, here are the accompanying interiors from the 1910 Architectural Record spread.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine - all that wood - no wonder it burned so fast. WHO'S THE GUILTY PARTY??????????????

Anonymous said...

Kids. When I was a student at the seminary, the building was no longer used. Unfortunately the cost of bringing the building up to fire code was too expensive. The building was sealed up in hopes that it might find a later use, but kids looking for a place to party and neglect caught up with it. The students would go out to reseal the house from time to time, but kids continued to break in. Apparently they tried to light a fire in onenight in one of the fireplaces that was either collapsed or filled with debris. The seminary still owns the property and has tried on several occaisions to restore parts of the outdoor theatre for public theatre productions. The barn and carriage house still stand though they are in poor condition as well. {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252
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