Friday, April 30, 2010

The Mrs. E.L. Warner Estate

The Mrs. E.L. Warner estate designed by James O'Connor c. 1916 in Syosset. There is next to no info on this place except that it accompanied the H.W. Warner estate in the Architectural Record spread featured yesterday. If anyone has anything on this place please share.


Anonymous said...

If you take a close look at the windows of the second floor on the rear facade of the house at the corner of Burtis Lane and Split Rock Lane in looks like this house. The rest of it has been so altered, bumped out and pushed back plus the front entrance changed that it's not readily recognizable. Maybe?

Anonymous said...

This is a different house than the former August Belmont manorhouse to which you refer as a likelness. They are similar to be sure, but the Belmont house has three chimneys, a very different stairway to second and substantially different floor design on ground. We are the owners

Josh said...

Could be any number of houses up and down Split Tock or Berry Hill, or even in the flower streets between Berry Hill and Cold Spring Rd.

It doesn't help that these old sources seem to have said "Syosset" for many homes in Woodbury.