Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When 'Plandome Mills' Was For Sale

A brochure advertising 'Plandome Mills', the Warner Mifflin Leeds II estate in Plandome Manor. Leeds was a founder of the American Tin Plate Company and president of the Americn Sheet and Tin Plate Company. His adopted daughter, Louise Leeds Kennedy, inherited the estate and gave it the name 'Plandome Mills'. Kennedy's husband, William Walker Kennedy, was a partner in the stock brokerage firm of W.E. Burnet & Co. According to Spinzia, developers purchased the estate in 1950 and broke the house into two residences while subdividing the rest of the grounds. It seems that since then the main house has been demolished. Click HERE to see roughly where 'Plandome Mills' stood on google earth.

Click below to see 'Plandome Mills' still intact with the surrounding property subdivided in a 1966 aerial shot. Brochure courtesy of SPLIA.


Turner Pack Rats said...

shakespeare misspoke - he meant to say "first we kill all the developers"

Anonymous said...

Garden pool still exists -

and a cottage -

Anonymous said...

Well said, TPR!