Saturday, May 29, 2010

'Nid de Papillon'

'Nid de Papillon', the Robert Appleton estate designed by Frank Eaton Newman c. 1917 in East Hampton. Click HERE for more on 'Nid de Papillon'.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to James the Skiddy place has pictures.

Playhouse/Indoor Tennis Courts -

The two below are not "pure" LIGC material...... Which begs the question what qualifies an estate to be consider a Long Island Gold Coast{LIGC} mansion? Location,size, age, quality of architecture, notable family name?

"Thorneham" on the south shore{West Bayshore} is far removed from the true "Gold Coast".

However I tag it because of other attributes. Size{90-acres}, age{1928}, sprawling Tudor, most recent Thorne lineage in the news was the death of Joan Thorne ex-wife of Senator Kerry{Ma.}. AND it had a Indoor Tennis Court.

The next one seems almost sacrilegious to the concept of LIGC. Location is right{Mill Neck}, large acreage, 1964{to old?}, Modified French Country{tacky?}, family name... does Levittown sound familiar? BUT it did have a indoor tennis court.

I added a link to thelocationcampany site for "Framewood".The addition to their site was new to me.

In honor of Memorial weekend and the start of are summer Trivia question -

After spending July at the seashore WHERE in August did the ladies of "Matinecock Point" and "Rosyln Hall" go and WHY??????

I tried this one awhile back - Zach you can't play :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the house that famous opera star Frederica Von Stade grew up in? OMG, such a shame.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite houses because of its' unique design, and what a lovely and romantic name. Glad it still stands.