Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Super's Residence at 'Westbury House'

The superintendent's residence to 'Westbury House', the Jay Phipps estate in Old Westbury. Phipps had James O'Connor either design an entirely new house or enlarge a quaker farmhouse towards the southern end of the estate c. 1919 for his superintendent. Click HERE to see where the super's residence stands on google earth.

Pictures from Architectural Review, 1921.


The Down East Dilettante said...

Clearly a valued employee!

Anonymous said...

Would the turquoise colored shutters be appropriate for a LI Farmhouse?

Can any verify info on a estate next door to this one? As you rotate bing around check out the cool water tower thats part of the farm grouping.

Well I'm sad to say mynasprop has pulled the photos for the "Skiddy" place and I never made copies. All you find now is the for-sale sign at entrance to the new development.
The place probably has been bulldozed or will soon be. Anyone know?????
The earlier photos showed the place in a horrible state, but still showing what a grand rambling LI farmhouse should be. I always have had a particular affection for this place with its doughnut shaped stable. The bing link will over time be updated so I encouraged anyone who doesn't know about this place to check it out - this my be your last chance.

Anonymous said...

James said...

hphs: I have photos of the skiddy place taken last year...i'll dig them up for you soon

ChipSF said...

and a lucky employee!

Playhouses, Casinos, Indoor Courts and Poolhouses (cont'd from 5/23/10):

19. Davis, A.V.
20. Field, Marshall III, Caumsett
21. Grace, J.Peter, Tullaron
22. Kahn, Otto, Oheka
23. Morgan, E.D. III, Wheatly
24. Vanderbilt, Wm. K., Idle Hour

Re-reading Monica Randall - she says 30 courts originally, 20 extant c. 1987. Two corrections to the original list from her book:

The builder of the court at Farlands was not G. Curran but second owner Josephine Hartford Douglas (sister of Huntington Hartford) after she was unable to get a reservation at Piping Rock one afternoon.

Builder of the court at Evergreens was probably Wm. Mather, not M. Smith.

Turner Pack Rats said...

maybe james could forward those pix to zach as i'm sure there are several of us that would like a clearer idea than bing of the skiddy place.

the supe must have been a very valued emp. based on the size of this place. i hate to say it but not bad for a neo-col. maybe because its a remodeled real thing. they sure were hot for the dormers.

security word def - "butors" - those who spread stuff around.