Tuesday, July 6, 2010


'Broadwater', the Robert Stafford estate designed by Lionel Moses II c. 1902 in Lloyd Harbor. Moses was a member of the firm of McKim, Mead & White for 44 years (and I believe authored the previous articles seen in the last two entries). Robert Stafford opened the Hotel Imperial (Click HERE to see the hotel) on Broadway and 32nd Street in 1890 under the firm name of Stafford Whitaker. Following Stafford's death in 1896 his wife Jennie managed the hotel for 21 years until selling her stake in 1916. The Hotel Imperial was one of the first large hotels to be built in the upper Broadway section and one of the city's first fireproof hotels. Click HERE to see 'Broadwater' on google earth and HERE on bing.

Click below to see 'Broadwater' with the surrounding property undeveloped in a 1953 aerial shot. Pictures from Concrete & Stucco Houses, 1922.


Anonymous said...

It was the Kentucky Countess Mona Williams of Oak Point who is credited
with helping launch the halter neck along with charm bracelets and the use of aquamarines in jewelry.

KENTUCKY COUNTESS MONA BISMARK IN ART & FASHION c. 1997 by James Birchfield published by U. of KY Art Museum.

CF said...


Think I found another playhouse/indoor tennis court up the road on the Eastfair Castle property.


What do you think?

Turner Pack Rats said...

wow - the original looks like a case of not enough house on too much foundation but what happened to the foundation in the present iteration. here, they added a whole story to my house but in this one, it looks like they took one away. que? also, he must be the only one in this company that saved his pennies. maybe never got to build the big house.

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