Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some More Kensington Houses

Since yesterday's post on the houses of Kensington seemed to get a good response I have posted the additional pictures that accompanied the original article. Click HERE for more on the planned community of Kensington in Great Neck. Click HERE to see Kensington on google earth.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful. And in the blueprints, not a single media room, gift-wrapping room or pilates room. How, oh how, did they survive:-)

Turner Pack Rats said...

i am so disappointed. i had my bags all packed and was set to purchase a kensington house when i realized - no lake, no canal, no park - where would i tie the yacht?
i didn't really expect all the early 20th amenities to still be there but when did they get filled in?
not exactly tar paper shacks and wc fields a tad larger than the basic formula.
also fun to go to HPHS pix and see the three arch house in the article still extant and in color.
it looks like some are sadly being replaced by mcmansions but still a lot of good ones left

security word def - "scify" - no, not the first iteration of a popular cable channel but actually an archaic word referring to a country person trying to look stylish (a combination of scruffy and spiffy)

Anonymous said...

Great new additions, Zach. A correction to my post yesterday: Of course, the author of the article on Kensington had written, "… gentle reader," (not "dear reader").

JDB said...

hmmmm, nice

Janet said...

Zach, as a 30 year resident of GNE I love your postings. Please do my section next. We recently celebrated our
100th anniversary