Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Adelaide Brevoort Hutton Residence

The residence of Adelaide Brevoort Hutton (born Adelaide Brevoort Close), Marjorie Merriweather Post's eldest daughter from her first marriage to Edward Bennett Close, built c. 1928 next to her mother's 'Hillwood' mansion in Brookville. By the time of Adelaide's marriage in 1927 to Thomas Wells Durant she had taken E.F. Hutton's last name, her step father. Today the home is part of LIU's C.W. Post campus and functions as the admissions office. Click HERE for more on 'Hillwood'. Click HERE to see the residence on google earth and HERE on bing.

The house was recently renovated and two walls were built out front which included a number of 'Post' made bricks I found last summer and gave to Ken Mensing, the campus historian, which he thoughtfully included in the project.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful masonry details. Especially that tower! Can't find it tagged on Wikimapia would love to know where it is.

Zach L. said...

A link is on the way.

lil' gay boy said...

A lovely old home; I'd always wondered what it's purpose was, given it's close proximity to Hillwood. I'd just assumed since it complimented the main house that it must be a guest house.

And isn't that Dina Merrill's "dollhouse" across the path to the southeast?

Security word - hygresy: term for the fat content in fast food.

ChipSF said...

nice to see some preservation happening at a university!

Anonymous said...

Grateful for the explanations. Thank you.

Jennifer Sappell

Anonymous said...

Recently visited Hillwood after reading your site and found the garden and grounds to be in much disrepair. Especially behind Hillwood. But seeing these pictures brings some hope.