Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Midland Farm'

'Midland Farm', the John F. Birmingham estate designed by James O'Connor c. 1923 in East Norwich. Click HERE to see the brochure from when 'Midland Farm' was for sale and click HERE to see the listing photos from the estate which is currently for sale for $15,500,000.


Kellsboro Jack said...

British real estate giant Knight Frank is also pitching the house but with a $15,500,000 tag - maybe for half a million more you get some British regency charm tossed in ;>

I do adore the fine wood paneling, moldings and ceiling of that dining room. Then sadly you go to the all-white kitchen ones stomach churns.

magnus said...

Alas, criticizing the interiors of these houses as decorated by their current owners is a delightful spectator sport that is as easy as "shooting fish in a barrel". Will we ever see one that is appropriately and attractively decorated? I am losing hope. And note that the current owner has made an addition to the already enormous house. What say you that it is an awful, overscaled "great room" off the kitchen in which the family spend all their time, eschewing the never used, but far more delightful and appropriate public rooms of the original house.

Anonymous said...

Poor Brenda Frazier, she must be turning in her grave seeing what these people did to her "Meadowood" (what she called the estate when she owned it).

Turner Pack Rats said...

this boring blockhouse survives and buckmeadow is demolished. ah, welladay, twas always thus. i guess brain damage isn't limited to the lower classes such as i.
if nothing else, i fell off my chair laughing at DED's third comment in the sept 29 post on this mindless contraption.

security word def - "misan" - colloquial southern US word indicating sadness over the absence of something or someone e.g. "Ah shore am misan that hound dog."