Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Black Point' Interiors

The accompanying interiors to yesterday's post on 'Black Point', the Henry Huddleston Rogers estate designed by Walker & Gillette c. 1914 in Southampton. Click HERE for more on 'Black Point'.

Pictures from the Library of Congress.


The Down East Dilettante said...

When carefully examining these rooms, it's easy to see how the famous daughter imbibed style growing up

HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

DED - famous daughter - who???

HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

DED - I'll assume you mean Millicent Rogers?

Colorized photo from Google Books Black Point "The Lost Hamptons" -'Black+Point',+the+Henry+Huddleston+Rogers+estate&source=bl&ots=V72KApzflt&sig=uW4vQ-i51T_6we8vLNr0GEnxDcM&hl=en&ei=UTIJTd7sDYX4sgawzL2TAw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=11&ved=0CFoQ6AEwCg#v=onepage&q='Black%20Point'%2C%20the%20Henry%20Huddleston%20Rogers%20estate&f=false

"Black Point" page 193 -

The Down East Dilettante said...

HPHS, Millicent Rogers is correct for a hundred. And of course, her lucky grandchildren still live in her father's wonderful Port of Missing Men.

Turner Pack Rats said...

looks like these folks had a fear of not being able to sit down when they wanted to. these few pics show at least 100 chairs. they also must have been the first foodies as they appear to have several dining rooms.
i have to agree with DED tho - great interiors that match the eclecticism of the exterior and beautiful landscaping. i suppose those great murals in the room with the vaulted ceiling became bulldozer fodder.

security word def - "tedlyp" - an STD transmitted by a certain senator from a state much too near to Maine.

Jess said...

Millicent Rogers was HH's granddaughter. Mai Rogers Coe, who married William Robertson Coe & built Coe Hall at Planting Fields, was his daughter.