Friday, February 11, 2011

Beaver Lake in Winter

Beaver Lake as seen from Frost Mill Road in Mill Neck in winter. Click HERE to see the same view from last fall.


The Down East Dilettante said...

Whoa! Looks as if we're not the only ones having an old fashioned Winter:

Anonymous said...

Here is the question; do we think:
A) Zach is willing to wade around in near waist-deep snow to take a picture from the same point he took one in nicer weather so a comparison can be made; or
B) Photoshop?
If I were more technically skilled I'd put a smiley face here.

Kirk said...

I was just at this spot yesterday and i didn't see Zack taking any pictures. LOL

Cedar Swamp Thing said...

Gorgeous shot! I wonder, have any other locals driven up the Cleft road and noticed (what must be) a backlit sign atop a pier at the entrance to the Arthur Vining Davis house? It has said "Happy Holidays" for as long as I can remember but don't think it is ever lit. I've always found it peculiar but a little charming still.

Anonymous said...

Cedar Swamp Thing,as a child of the swamp myself, I love, love, love, your name..wish I thought of it ..thanks for the chuckle.

Arthur Vining Davis' place, still Louis Nicastro's ?

Cedar Swamp-Thing said...

@Anonymous... thank you- the actually inspiration came to me earlier today driving up 107/ Cedar Swamp road and looking at the "thing" somebody built in the actual swamp near the Glen Head rd intersection a few years ago. The Toll Brothers-esque aesthetic of the house aside it's the choice of location that baffles me. Common sense is not all that common.

I'm not sure about Nicastro. I do recall the place being listed for sale 4 or 5 years ago. Not sure if the property changed hands or was withdrawn from the market

Anonymous said...

Cedar Swamp Thing, your name, coupled with recent OLI postings of pre Gold Coast,lead me, for some inexpicable reason, to remembering about the very old Black (Negroe) Cemetery that exists just North of Frost Pond Road on Piping Rock Road. Zach, have you or any one out there ever come across information about this sacred and important locale?

Old (former) Long Islander said...


Correction: The fall and winter photos were taken from Frost Mill Road. And, yes there was supposed to have been a mill at the Beaver Dam spillway and yet another at Mill Pond (no surprise there)in Oyster Bay. Frost Pond Road connects Piping Rock Road with the old main Road leading into Glen Cove although I've never seen the pond after which it was named. (I think it's still Cedar Swamp Road at that point, but am not sure). There was an old (often overgrown) cemetary in the location mentioned in the previous comment. Also, the swamp behind Beaver Dam, much of it across from the Townsend house, is Shu Swamp. Hopefully it is still a great source of childhood adventures.


Zach L. said...

Thank you OFLI. Sometime's I'm still half asleep and don't catch screw ups like that!

I think the Frost Mill Road wire got crossed with the Factory Pond Road wire in my brain.

Turner Pack Rats said...

DED is right. we're finally enjoying an old-fashioned Maine winter like we had 50 years ago. in recent times, undeserving spots like Boston and NYC got all the snow while all we got in Maine was the cold shoulder (brrrr) but this year my back field looks much like dilettantes back field and Beaver pond. the drifts along the road north of my house are up to about 9 feet. the old saying in Maine is, "if you can't stand the winters, you don't deserve the summers"

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