Friday, February 18, 2011

The Boxwood Garden at 'Westbury House'

The boxwood garden and reflecting pool at 'Westbury House', the John S. Phipps estate designed by George Crawley c. 1905 in Old Westbury. Click HERE for more on 'Westbury House'.


The Down East Dilettante said...

One guesses this photo wasn't taken this week :-)

perfect scale and composition. Oh the things that have been lost

magnus said...

For those of you non Long Islanders, A day trip to Old Westbury Gardens is more than worth the effort. The boxwood garden pictured here is a great favorite of mine, but there are many wonders, both in the gardens and in the house to compete with it.

An Aesthete's Lament said...

My favorite part of the house (or one part) is the grand, deep columned porch at the right end of the house.

Turner Pack Rats said...

don't worry DED, it won't be long. only 4 more months and the birdies and the suckers - sorry tourists will be back.
totally off the subject but of interest to patrons of this site, last nite i came across a really interesting site called Frank Lloyd Wright Road Trip - This guy, Peter Beers - has travelled 100K visiting FLW sites and chronicles the restoration of many houses with mucho pix. and thats all the houses. a totally fascinating site. plan to spend a big chunk of time there if you're a FLW fan.

security word def - you new yawkers have son of sam. my computer seems to be inhabited by the ghost of sam. the word for today is "wally' - need i say more? that boxwood garden would be a great place for the garden center.

Turner Pack Rats said...

ps - since we are two days from the rumsey house, i'll put my comment here. my big fear when i saw just one pic on the real estate ad is : is this a portent of another teardown. who needs to see interiors if it isn;t going to be there?
zach - don't you have a sale brochure on this one cause i'm really curious about the interiors too. i suppose you could contact the realtor for a tour and take lots of pix.

security word def - "santraba" - little known house built on the grounds on san simeon by hearst for his Middle Eastern transgender guests.

Anonymous said...

I thought Daniel Gale Real Estate rallies for preservation of gold coast estates and not demolition. I'm sure they'll try to sell to someone who'll maintain the property instead of a developer.

That would be nice if you could get some interior shots.

As for Old Westbury....I feel that's my home away from home; as soon as it opens, until the Christmas events in December I visit at least once a week....just for a stroll through the gardens, (or parts less traveled), and a walk through the house.