Tuesday, February 8, 2011


'Wereholme', the Harold H. Weekes and Lousine Peters estate designed by Grosvenor Atterbury c. 1917 in Islip. Click HERE for more and to see 'Wereholme' as it looks today. Pictures from American Architect & Architecture, 1919.


Anonymous said...

One of Zach's color photos is of the same side of this house as the old b/w photo & from almost the same angle. Though stark looking now, I imagine Wereholme was beautiful in its day of established & maintained landscaping(especially flower beds). Doug

Anonymous said...

I like this home the more I look at it. I just think it needs gardens and some roses and colorful shrubs to perk it up. And also, compared to most of these homes taken over by the county (both Nassau and Suffolk), this looks in good condition. I'd like to see more of this south shore estates, if there are more too see.

Anonymous said...

Since this was a slow comment day I'll ramble on because I like this house.
1) The small tree next to the small window in the b/w photo is the now much taller tree in the recent color photo -- planted too close to the house.
2) Part of the caption below the b/w photo states this house is "Built of cast concrete blocks, finished with a colored aggregate." In 1909, eight years before this house was built Grosvenor Atterbury pioneered the use of cast concrete panels in prefabricated residential construction, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grosvenor_Atterbury Today concrete blocks would be considered too low-class for a large country house; but I suspect in 1917 G. Atterbury & the Weekes felt like cutting edge pioneers -- & look how well the exterior has held up.
3) These pictures are a really good find Zach because I notice that 'American Architect & Architecture' misspelled Weekes.

Turner Pack Rats said...

wow - that concrete looks a lot like stone to me - nice. i love places like this -the stone look, the turrets, the low roof, all the windows on the roof - mmmm - mmmm !
would this be the place that advocated protecting wolves.
that little window on the roof valley - man i love this place as long as i don't have to shingle it.

security word def - "shedato" - my grandfathers response when they asked him if he wanted any outbuilding. "ayuh - i'll take a .......