Friday, March 25, 2011

'Indian Neck Hall'

'Indian Neck Hall', the Frederick G. Bourne estate designed by Ernest Flagg c. 1897 in Oakdale. Click HERE for more on 'Indian Neck Hall'.


Jeff said...

What's with the second column in from the right? Anyone notice anything... different?

Kellsboro Jack said...

Good eyes, Jeff, as the top detail looks like a sock that keeps falling down. A bad repair job long ago?

The Down East Dilettante said...

well, isn't that just odd. And obviously been that way for awhile, as the blank above is painted.

The place really does look more like a luxe sanitarium than house, doesn't it?

magnus said...

Proportion is a funny thing- get it wrong and you go from residential to commercial in a few, short feet.

And jeff- now that you've pointed it out, i can hardly look at that facade without itching.

The Devoted Classicist said...

In large Corinthian capitals, the acanthus leaves are sometimes individual iron elements that are separately attached. These appear attached to the astragal ring which has perhaps slipped, but the dimensions do not match the others. I agree with the poor repair comment.

lil' gay boy said...
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lil' gay boy said...

Ooops; that was me.

It looks like they repaired the column at some point & forgot to secure the leaves, or the leaves slipped afterward & they couldn't be bothered with getting someone up on a ladder to fix it.

Perhaps they swiped one of the missing columns from Kidd's Rocks?

Perhaps not.


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Turner Pack Rats said...

DED - if that's a sanitorium, i'm signing up to be voluntarily committed. i'd gladly spend the rest of my days here. not a problem. i might even work on getting some landscaping back since that doesn't seem to be important here.

security word def - "spritios" - natural organic cereal high in fiber as its made from that stick on the front of the yachts owned by now deceased OLIers.