Thursday, April 14, 2011

'Broad Hollow House' Barn

The stable and barn of 'Broad Hollow House', the F. Ambrose Clark estate designed by Rogers & Zogbaum c. 1912 in Old Westbury. Click HERE for more on the barn and 'Broad Hollow House'.


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Love that name! I love anything with "hollow" incorporated into it.

Gentle hugs,

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by the house that's used as Empire College. I think last time I questioned it, someone replied that Clark built it for an estate worker, (maybe horse trainer?).

Since it's a college, I wonder if they'd allow one to walk in and wander about? Maybe I'll pretend to be interested in attending and get a tour that way.

Do you have any photos of that house Zach?

Laura from RI said...

I don't see why the stable area wouldn't be open to visitors since it looks to be active. I would inquire first though. I wonder if Kellsboro Jacks' stall plate is still there ? If you get a chance to go, please take pix : )
Has anyone read "The Clarks of Cooperstown" ? Very good read.
And the training track that 'Brose Clark had was primarily used for his young hunter/chasers before he sent them off to England and/or to Belmont.
I still love the story how 'Brose "sold" KJ to Florence Clark for 1 pound sterling in hopes that the horses racing luck would be better than being owned by him. KJ won the 1933 Aintree Grand National in record time until Golden Miller broke it in 1934. Florence promptly retired KJ from Aintree fences, but what a shame as it turned out, KJ really took to the fences @ Aintree according to his trainer in England.
One final question & sorry for the long post. old training track on Rte 25A & Linden Lane in Great Neck. It had to have belonged to someone. Im curious. I posted this on LIGC too.
Thank you : )

Kellsboro Jack said...

Actually as I've always known Kellsboro Jack when he came to the US lived up at Iroquois Farm in Cooperstown, NY. He had large farm plus extensive training operations there as well as the one in Aiken, SC and then the Old Westbury ones.

Brose, Kellsboro Jack, and Buttons (his hunt dog) are buried at the same grave site in Cooperstown on a secluded part of that estate. The rest of the Clark family are at the family plot in Lakewood Cemetery, Cooperstown.

Almost three decades ago the last of Ambrose's racing sorted items held by his 2nd wife (Augusta passed away in Dec 1981) were actioned by Christie's on site at the Iroquois Mansion prior to it being razed.

My wife and I have a Frost & Reed print from 1933 of Brose, Kellsboro, jockey and a couple stable lads.

Anonymous said...

Off subject....but does anyone know how I could go about finding info on estates that ones stood in the towns of Old Field, Stonybrook and Head of Harbor?

lil' gay boy said...

Anon 4:50, Suffolk County charges for access to their tax records, unlike Nassau, which has them online, but the principle is the same.

FYI for those interested in Billy Haines, Hollywood Regency, et al, see yesterday's comments.

Security word - menersti: obsolete term for a man cave, relating to things porcine.

Charles said...

This is in regard to "Gray House Farm"- the post the other day-I live around the corner from this house and I always thought that the name of the estate was "Gray Horse Farm." I went to check it out and the estate sign does read "Gray Horse farm" and there is even an etching of a horse on the sign.

Laura from RI said...

Kellsboro Jack,

I am so thankful I have ARMS...American Racing Manuals. In looking in my 1945 edition, under "Steeplechase & Hunt Racing Colors" is Clark, F. Ambrose-Light blue, yellow sash & cap, 2nd blue cap.
Florences' colors were the same, in a way...Light blue, canary sleeves & braid, canary cap...which is probabaly what your portrait of KJ shows : )

My silks are orange w/brown X sash, brown sleeve, orange cap.

My favorite of all time is Billy Barton...

Kellsboro Jack, always, always treasure Kellsboro Jack. He was greatness!!! : )