Tuesday, April 19, 2011

'Lands End' Demolition - The Most Dramatic Photo Yet

Here's a picture from the Associated Press via the Wall Street Journal, what I believe is the most shocking demolition photo we've seen yet of 'Lands End', the John Scott Browning estate built c. 1911 in Sands Point. Click HERE to read the WSJ blog article which gives a mention to both Old Long Island and photographer Jen Ross (click HERE to see her photos of 'Lands End'). Click HERE for more on 'Lands End'.


lil' gay boy said...

Sorry, DED, I've been in mourning over Kidd's Rocks; Wendy Goodman, current Design editor @ New York Magazine & author of The World of Gloria Vanderbilt (with Gloria's luscious & always great-smelling son Anderson) grew up next door when, in childhood, they always called it Kidd's Rocks in the hopes of finding buried treasure.

The treasure is no more.

As for embedding links, here's the syntax:

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Just change the french braces to angle brackets and you'll get this, a link to all things Lands End:

Lands End:

Security word - reelin: what I'm feeling about this debacle right about now; to quote the intrepid Countess DeLave, "Bring me a bromide!!! And put some gin in it..."

Anonymous said...

I saw my Grandmothers 1877 Victorian taken away from her because of greed. She literally died because of it. Her home was condemmned because someone in power wanted the location. They could not force her to move but told her she could no longer take in "roomers" which was her life. Some of the "roomers" had been there 30+ years. This was in the 60's and I was a powerless child. I fell in love with old buildings then, have visited as many as possible and followed & loved the ones I could not visit. I am crying for Land's End....let nature reclaim her and let Brodsky rot in hell for his neglect!!

lil' gay boy said...

BTW, my Hamptons Interlude on YouTube (and others) are available here.

Enjoy them before the rights police arrive.


J. Shoupe said...

I never thought this beautiful classic would ever meet it's demise. I used to drive by it all the time when I lived in Port Washington. What a shame.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Surely it will take more than 5 houses to make this a financially viable effort. How many more? Who knows.

The Ancient said...



(I am not offering an opinion about the data or the analysis. But it does seem to comport with what we all know.)

Jen Ross said...

I took my last photos of Land's End today from Kidd's Rock and the back lawn. I hope you enjoy. It was a sad day out there on the rock shooting to the sound of machines breaking through brick and the cracking wood.


lil' gay boy said...

Oh Jen...what can I say?

Anonymous said...

This photo makes my stomach turn. TPR, referring to your post of a few days ago, my cats are also ready to come up with a nice present for Brodsky.

Jen Ross said...

LGB I know... I feel like a few of us on here have been through something deep together. Thanks for the comments on the photos and thanks to Zach for bringing us all together for this.

Anonymous said...

"Jen Ross said...I feel like a few of us on here have been through something deep together. Thanks for the comments on the photos and thanks to Zach for bringing us all together for this."

I think all readers here have been through "something deep" thanks to the two of you and your coverage.

Many, many thanks.