Friday, June 10, 2011

The Dr. P.B. Wyckoff Estate Interiors

The accompanying interiors to the Dr. Peter Brown Wyckoff estate designed by Barney & Chapman c. 1900 in Southampton. Click HERE for more on the Dr. P.B. Wyckoff estate.

Photos from Architectural Record, 1904.


magnus said...

All that oak panelling and velour doesn't strike a particularly seaside like note- in a house that was not much more than 100 yards from the crashing surf. I hope that you post photos of Jessie Donahue's revamp-a bit more up to date, but again more Fifth Avenue than "sur la mer".

Doug Floor Plan said...

The entry hall at ‘Lauderdale’ is better looking but the various rooms here are lighter & more attractive (my opinion). Two things in particular caught my attention in these photographs:
• Dining room – instead of one large carpet under the table & chairs there are four smaller carpets that go around the outside edge of the table … was this common then?
• Billiard room – the two photos show different light fixtures over the pool table & the furniture has been rearranged … I’m surprised ‘Architectural Record’ bothered to publish ‘before’ & ‘after’ pictures.

But, as Mansions commented yesterday & Magnus today: in time the new owner, Mrs. Jessie Woolworth Donahue would tear out these interiors & install “over the top opulence” which neither impressed her neighbors nor really fit in a Southampton beach house. But I still wished the house had survived – it did have very good bones.

magnus said...


Turkish" rugs, scattered about a room were clearly a widely adopted decorating conceit through the1920's. it is astonishing how often you see them.