Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Dr. P.B. Wyckoff Estate

The Dr. Peter Brown Wyckoff estate designed by Barney & Chapman c. 1900 in Southampton. Wyckoff began his career as a physician before becoming a partner in the stock brokerage firm of Munroe & Wyckoff and a member of the NY Stock Exchange. Wyckoff was a descendent of Cornelius Wijkoff who arrived here from Holland in 1649. The estate was later owned by Mrs. Jessie May Woolworth Donahue who gave it the name 'Wooldon Manor' and hired Treanor & Fatio to design a pool house c. 1931 that is still extant as a private residence. The house was demolished in 1941 but sat on Gin Lane. Interiors tomorrow.

Photos from Architectural Record, 1904.


Doug Floor Plan said...

Very nice house which like ‘Lauderdale’ (posted three days ago on June 6) was designed by Barney & Chapman; & in the same style as Henry Otis Chapman’s personal home (posted on May 9) but much, much larger. I like this combination look of half-timber Tudor & [someone more knowledgeable please fill in the blank]. But as I recall the interiors of the previous two Barney & Chapman houses were dark & not that attractive. It’s a shame this house didn’t survive like ‘Lauderdale’ & some current owner isn’t hosting huge parties under a tent on its lawn.

I went looking to see if the former pool house is marked on Wikimapia but couldn’t find it. This would be a good time to mark it if anyone knows where it is.

Gary Lawrance said...

The pool house still survives and has been made into a larger residence. It is along the beach at the Western end of Gin Lane before it turns towards the Beach Club in Southampton.

For more information about Wooldon Manor please go to this link on the New York Social Diary.

Gary Lawrance said...

The house built for Dr. Wyckoff does seem dreary, for a summer beach house, but it is always hard to really judge from those early black and white photos. I am sure it was a showplace as the gardens were spectacular. The house was later redone by Jessie Woolworth Donahue and was a complete transformation. The kind that new money can do. Over the top opulence with Waterford chandeliers, old master paintings, fine antiques and gold plate. The garage was filled with a collection of flashy cars. Unfortunately Jessie and her husband tried a little too hard to impress Southampton Society and were never really accepted. One of her greatest crimes it has been said was that she wore, " Diamonds in the daytime", something which old money would never do. A must read book is "Dancing with the Devil", by Christoper Wilson. It tells all about James Donahue, Jr. and his relationship with Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor. Some might find it a little racy, but you wont be able to put it down.

Gary Lawrance said...

Another good link about Barbra Hutton.

Turner Pack Rats said...

another example of WTF!!! they completely redo the place in 31 and tear it down 10 years later. shades of Beacon Tower and Lands End. What got this one? Death, divorce or malaise? I totally love this one for the combo as DFP sex of Tudor & ?. the half timbering, chimneys, ivy, and even tho its really big, its low enough so it doesn't look ungainly. i think it has a really good synergy for the style and size. and while the interior pix look dark, dark was in for his style but there are enough big windows that it probably was light enough. gonna be tough getting this one in the time machine.

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