Friday, June 17, 2011

'Westbury House' South Allee Gate

The gate at the south allee at 'Westbury House', the John S. Phipps estate designed by George Crawley c. 1905 in Old Westbury. Click HERE for more on 'Westbury House'.


Doug Floor Plan said...

I'm suddenly reminded of Andy Rooney on '60 Minutes' & a segment he did once regarding fences; at one point he showed a long stretch of fence that looked like it belonged with this gate & said, "I just hate people who have fences that cost more than my house."

It is beautiful.

Doug Floor Plan said...

Speaking of other houses: LGB, I think it was you who recently admired, via Bing, a house near a house Zach posted – the house you liked had a half-moon roof. In today’s ‘Wall Street Journal’ is such a house in East Hampton: but I don’t think it’s the same house you saw – I’m not sure because I can’t find your comment. I just thought I’d throw this out there … I understand it’s not part of this web-site’s topic.

The Down East Dilettante said...


Anonymous said...

Did this allee go across Jericho? and if so, was there at one time another set of gates? I may be wrong, but I believe that there were polo fields south of Jericho at one time.

HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...
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HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

The Allee stopped at Jericho. It was a natural stopping point - a road of some kind always ran in the area. Across the way stood "The Hedges" for George Brown Hedges{attorney} and Hicks Nursery, known for perfecting the transplanting of large mature trees at "Wheatley", going on to establish Long Islands oldest nursery and supplying the instant landscape effect for many LIGC mansions -

I believe a caretakers house or other outbuilding from The Hedges survives here -

Two Polo/Racecourses were in the area -

and Roosevelt Raceway at the Cocks estate -

In case no one caught the link to "Normanday Manor" regarding question on Tudor across from "Eagles Nest"

It will be the 2011 Designer Showhouse. Check the links added at wikimapia.

Regarding 55 Mill River Road -

Found nearby -

Regarding Historic Maps Works. If you can spare $10.00 to get the premium service the navigation and results of searches are far superior than the basic offerings.

Regarding "Wooldon Manor" location -

Scads of interesting links including Google Books for Dancing With the Devil!

I had the info all typed in for June 8th "Home Acres" and then mistakenly deleted the whole thing.

Landscape designer Martha Brooks Hutcheson {Welwyn, Poplar Hill}. Link to Long Island Landscapes and the Women Who Designed Them. PLUS new book to look for The Spirit of the Garden, a reprint of her muses from 1921. Great forward and many photos of Old Acres and Welwyn among others.

"Turnpike Cottage" -

Now I wonder if the later half of the information is wrong??? I'm now thinking the now demolished house directly east would have been the Park place with MMW alterations. The Bing view certainly shows character of their work. More so than any alterations to the Bell design. HistoricMapWorks1939 has Mrs WG Park as owner next door{west} to Lloyd S. Gilmore{Neilson property}. This is its replacement -

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much HPHS..I was the one that questioned both the allee to Jericho and the Tudor across from "Eagles Nest". Thanks again for you detailed research!!

lil' gay boy said...

Happy Fathers' Day, y'all!


Doug, the Hamptons house closely resembles the Geller House in Lawrence, down the street from Lauderdale, the Tudor Zach posted a week or so ago.

Designed by Marcel Breuer, I believe it is the second residence for the family on the same lot; the first residence Breuer designed for them was demolished for this one.

HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

Anonymous I'm curious to your impression regarding the overall condition and experience at Eagles Nest compared to other open to the public LIGC venues. It seems Normandy Manor was threaten with development back in 2001 -

Now it set for renovation and makeover as the Designer Showhouse this fall. Will you go? What a perfect opportunity to gather and meet for informal talks about anything LIGC. There must be enough passionate parties that follow this blog that live in the area that ..... I know if I lived in the area I would look forward to a monthly get together to explore and/or talk about LIGC issues. The next step before torches and pitchforks.

Anonymous said...

HPHS..."Eagles Nest" seemed to be holding it's own since last I was there..but still needs much work,which the tour guide told me they had some funding for. "Normany House" is new,and from what the employee told me, was recentley purchased. I never noticed it when I was younger and am eager to visit, I will try to make the designer showcase.

I would love to get together with the locals that visit OLI...there used to be a site...if I recall, was called "Gold Coast Long Island'
that would meet to visit ruins or public mansions....but I don't think anyone that visits here is intrested...though it would be nice, I could use some kindred spirits at this time......

Thanks again for your research...It was bothering me to no-end that nobody at Eagles Nest could give me info on Normany House.

Nick said...

My Favorite House. Everything about Westbury House and Gardens is perfect. The architecture and Interior details are exquisite.

Here is a link to Old maps of Long Island showing the property Lines of the Old Estates circa 1927.