Tuesday, July 5, 2011


'Beachleigh', the George Arthur Schieren Sr. estate designed by Aymar Embury II c. 1915 in Kings Point. Schieren was president of Charles A. Schieren Co., which manufactured industrial leather belts, and Schieren Realty Corp. Click HERE to see the brochure from when 'Beachleigh' was for sale. Click HERE to see 'Beachleigh' on google earth and HERE on bing.

Photos from Country Life, 1918.


The Devoted Classicist said...

I would have preferred French doors to a terrace instead of the casement windows with a half round transom above and a wood panel below in the Living Room and Library. It would have given the entrance elevation better visual weight aesthetically, as well as improving the interior.

Doug Floor Plan said...

Very nice (& yes, WASPish safe) house still on a decent parcel of nicely landscaped acreage with a great view. I admire the current owners for maintaining the upper & lower piazzas (term used in the for sale brochure) overlooking a [much simplified] formal garden & not doing something … well … modern. I hope the interiors have held up as well. I wish I could visualize changes as well as Classicist ... one of many reasons I didn't become an architect (total lack of talent would be another one).

Zach, the Bing link didn’t work correctly for me so I’m offering this one in case it doesn’t work for someone else: http://www.bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=qt39vt8vpr9q&lvl=19.274105326714036&dir=5.54990836068407&sty=b&where1=Great%20Neck%2C%20NY&q=great%20neck%20ny&form=LMLTCC

I hope everyone had a happy & safe 4th of July.

Zach L. said...

Bing link fixed...thanks Doug.

Turner Pack Rats said...

boy, i hope this place came with a lifetime supply of Windex. i bet they've got windows they haven't even looked out of yet. all seriousness aside, a beautiful big estatety house on a nice lot with a perfect location. piazza does have a nice ring to it and this place has two both in grand scale. i really like the look and feel of this place and it still is sort of landscaped.

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