Tuesday, August 16, 2011


An article on the building of 'Applegarth', the Charles Whitman Wetmore estate designed by Renwick, Aspinwall & Owen c. 1892 on Centre Island, written by Wetmore's wife Elizabeth Bisland. Click HERE and HERE for more on 'Applegarth' and HERE to see the brochure from when the estate was for sale. The house is no longer extant.

Article from Country Life, 1910.


Doug Floor Plan said...

Another sad loss – ‘Applegarth’ was an excellent house on an enviable piece of property. It was a manageable size (the house that sits there now is every bit as large if not larger) & its layout could have easily been adapted to fit a modern lifestyle (mostly reconfiguring the service wing). In comparing the floor plan to the photographs it appears the staircase was originally to have a 90 degree turn but ended up being built straight; I suspect to make the entry hall feel more spacious.

The only thing I don’t understand about the floor plan is why there was a regular sized, solid wood door between the entry hall & the dining room. In most houses I believe there would have been an open walkway (like between the living room & library & library & dining room here) or wide pocket doors. The entry hall was already dark & having that solid door there made it only darker. It’s a mystery (to me at least).

The Devoted Classicist said...

I absolutely love the article written by the Lady of the House. There are many favorite parts, but the part that being close to the road dictated the early Elizabethan style is particularly notable. There have been comments here on the eclectic tastes of the day and that white neoclassical Library must have really made a statement. Applegarth was truly a charming house, with a quality that is almost never achieved in houses built today.

Gary Lawrance said...

Getting off Applegarth for a moment, does anyone know when Bayberry Hill in Syosset was altered in size?

HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

Mansions of the Gilded Age where are seeing the place has been altered?

Check the zillow link for interior photos -


Check the HistoricAerials link to see the undeveloped land surrounding property.

James said...

to HPHS: Just look at the old pics versus the new one under Syosset...it'll come up quickly. You can see the top portion is chopped off by 2/3 on both sides

Gary Lawrance said...


Here it is on Bing Map

Doug Floor Plan said...

Looking at HPHS's Historical Aerial link I believe most of the second story had been removed by the 1966 aerial shot ... too bad there isn't an earlier aerial photograph.

Looking at the pictures on Zach's blog it also appears one of the big, ground floor arched windows has been bricked up ... probably not a good sign of what's happened inside.

HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

I did't catch the chopping! There was a 1956 date on the property card at MyNas{instructions soon}, perhaps that's "the date".

ChipSF said...

Mansions -
I am revising my list of lost houses that deserve a scale model to add Applegarth near the top!