Thursday, October 13, 2011

'Beautiful Shore'

'Beautiful Shore', the William Henry Moffitt estate designed by Palmer & Hornbostel c. 1910 in Islip. Moffitt was president of W.H. Moffitt Realty Corp. and publisher of the Bay Shore Independent. He was also president of the New York State Realty Dealers Association. He sold the above house in the middle of the decade and disappeared after being indicted for grand larceny relating to his real estate dealings. After being on the run for two years including a stay in London, he was arrested in San Jose, CA in 1920. He had been selling people lots in his new development known as 'Nassau Heights No. 3' in Hempstead that were said to be mortgage free and clear in title though the parcels were part of a general mortgage on the property. The NYTimes reported that his real estate dealings involved $4 million and had "a large number of victims" but the specific larceny charge was for $200. Moffitt later said he fled because of the pressure of creditors and the foreclosure of many mortgages and tax liens. Moffitt was apparently eventually able to repay his creditors and returned to California to continue his business there though I do not know whatever became of the grand larceny charges. The house is no longer extant but sat on South Country Road.


HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

Its hard to pinpoint exactly if this was the house because of potential additions -

The historicmapworks show the Oakman name as being the owner so it fits with the story in the related link. Oakman lived here also -

I don't know the time line which came first???

Another question - counting the rooms off the floor plans - I don't come up with 21 rooms???

Anonymous said... subject. If anyone is interested.

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Doug Floor Plan said...

HPHS, my guess is Walter G. Oakman lived at ‘Beautiful Shore’ before ‘Waldene’ since, other than his resignation at Guaranty Trust Co., there is nothing that indicates he lost his fortune & ‘Waldene’ is a MUCH larger house; what I’m saying is he probably ‘moved up’ & not ‘moved down.’

I think ‘Beautiful Shore’ has a pretty good floor plan but the exterior is not that attractive (to me); but landscaping could help balance the exterior. Still, it’s a shame it didn’t survive because it could have easily been adapted to contemporary use & is still better looking than what probably replaced it (I know, I shouldn't judge without knowing for sure ... educated guess).