Thursday, March 22, 2012

'Black Point'

'Black Point', the Henry H. Rogers estate designed by Walker & Gillette c. 1914 in Southampton. Click HERE, HERE and HERE for more on 'Black Point'. Photo from Examples of Work by Lewis & Valentine, 1916.


Doug Floor Plan said...

I would normally criticize a floor plan where you are required to climb a flight of stairs as soon as you enter the house; but this house is so excellent that I make an exception. Perhaps they tore it down because too many people where just standing & staring at it.

The Down East Dilettante said...

When do Walker & Gillette get their book? Imaginative, civilized, elegant.

And Doug, I'd never criticize a floor plan that has a sense of progression and moment, (and remember, that it was also a practical consideration, as the house was built on the dune ridge, necessitating two levels, as one sees in many other Southampton houses---this one being particularly successful and imaginative in solving the problem (for the more ordinary approach, see the J.Copley Thaw house)

archibuff said...

Could easily pass for a view of an Italian farmhouse courtyard that you might have come across on vacation touring one of the hill towns in Italy. The frescoes/murals on the loggia walls are spectacular as is the main room's shallow coffered ceiling and grilles above the french doors. A well designed beach house.