Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Reginald Fincke Sr. Estate

The Reginald Fincke Sr. estate designed by Peabody, Wilson & Brown c. 1924 in Southampton. Fincke was a partner with Clark, Dodge & Co., stock brokerage firm. Click HERE to see the Fincke estate on google earth and HERE on bing.


The Ancient said...

Thus, it is interesting to note, are nature and biblical engineering both challenged in this house.

Too much information.

archibuff said...

Built right on the dune line. Well you would never get away with that these days and I am sure its biblical engineereing will be seriously challenged when the next category 3 or 4 hurricane comes knocking on its door.

Nice comfortable farmhouse but it now looks like the old shack on the beach compared to some of its immediate neighbors. Plus Bing needs to update their images. Dragon's Lair is still intact on Bing.

The Ancient said...

For NYT subscribers only:

(Reggie marries up. Way up.)

(Reggie wins the national tennis championship.)

(Reggie makes a 1924 Manhattan Rich List. Second page, right column.)


(Reggie married off his daughter to The Earl of Perth.)

(Reggie's son and namesake perishes at Okinawa, winning Silver Star.)

Reggie died in 1956. His wife Edith died 10 years later.

magnus said...

Looking at current day aerials of Southampton makes one think that they should rename Dune Road "Hedge Fund Alley", financial finagler capital of the world. It also puts me in mind of a famous wag who, visiting a resort in the late 1920's and being told that massive yacht after massive yacht in the harbor belonged to this stockbroker and that stockbroker innocently inquired, "But where are the customers' yachts?".

Security words of the day: Fifie Tionshe: Didn't she win something for The Artist?

The Ancient said...

(Reggie and friends run an amateur intelligence agency. It's all very John Buchan.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. This house was built by my great-grandfather Reginald Fincke Sr....He may at some young time in his life been known as "Reggie", I dont know. The story has it that water flooded the main living room during the hurricane of 1938. Mr. & Mrs. Fincke were stranded by the flooding, but then rescued by their butler, who had been shopping in town for groceries, and came out in the storm by rowboat to bring them to safer ground.