Thursday, March 15, 2012

'Roselle Manor'

'Roselle Manor', the Isaac D. Levy estate designed by Buchman & Fox c. 1900 in Cedarhurst. Levy was president of Oppenheim-Collins Realty Co. and Oppenheim, Collins & Co., purveyor of women's clothing. 'Roselle Manor' was demolished c. 1960.


Doug Floor Plan said...

Judging by what can be seen here I suspect the grounds around 'Roselle Manor' did not lean towards open expanses -- but to each their own. But I still think the ivy on the house should have been kept under a little better control.

As for the house -- the center projection around & over the front door is kind of heavy compared to everything else; but I bet the wing off to the right, with the very large windows was a nice place to spend some time.

The Down East Dilettante said...

Pleasant in its way, I'm sure, but we need not mourn the loss of every big house (although we should mourn the loss of every open space--sic transit North Shore)

Patricia said...

"Dry goods store" sound ancient, when, in fact, Oppenheim Collins was a fairly fancy women's clothing store -- I'd rate it a step above Macy's, and a step below Sak's. There was a store in Hicksville, at Mid-Island Plaza -- I'd say it survived into the mid 1960s at least. Coats, dresses, hats, shoes, etc. I remember my mother getting clothes there -- in particular a spring coat, when women still bought light wool spring coats, primarily to wear to church.