Thursday, June 14, 2012


'Aberfeldy', the John Anderson estate designed by Severance & Shumm c. 1909 in Lattingtown.  Click HERE for more on 'Aberfeldy'.  Photo from Examples of Work by Lewis & Valentine, 1916.


The Ancient said...

It seems to have sold -- or been taken off the market -- since it last appeared on OLI.

P.S. For fans of indoor tennis courts, there's this, elsewhere in Lattingtown:

Zach L. said...

That looks to be from 'Meudon'.

Hadn't seen that listing before.

Doug Floor Plan said...

Nice house you linked to, Ancient. Some of the Realtor's photos are of some of the eight bedrooms but not one is of the 8.555 baths. I'm sorry to appear ignorant but just what does a .005 bath look like? (is it a James Bond bath?)

As for 'Aberfeldy' in this photo -- that sun room must have been a great place to spend a day.

Anonymous said...

"...but not one is of the 8.555 baths. I'm sorry to appear ignorant but just what does a .005 bath look like?"

Did you mean to say what does a .555 bath look like? If so, that's probably the powder room, generally near the front door, often tucked nicely under a stairwell. That's my guess.


ps I feel so triumphant when I can prove I'm not a robot, one small victory early in the morning is as good as a bowl of Wheaties.

The Ancient said...

Lewis & Valentine

(1916 advertisement -- Immediate and beautiful effects secured by large tree moving.)

(Smithsonian records concerning L & V landscape projects, 1916-1971, including a history of the company and a few pictures.)

Here at OLI, Lewis & Valentine's work appears in posts concerning Aberfeldy, Welwyn, Farnsworth, Hilaire, Black Point, Oak Hill, Woodley, Shoremond, Panfield, the Ogden Mills estate, Mañana, Pembroke and Oheka.

In the Smithsonian collection of Frances Benjamin Johnston's garden pictures, L & V figures in these:|Contributor%3Ajohnston%2C+frances+benjamin&st=gallery

archibuff said...

The indoor tennis court home is next to St. John's in Lattingtown. It's one that is in very good condition. Always amazes me how very large some of the tennis house/playhouse structures were.

This home still commands a great spot on a gentle rise overlooking a large lawn even though it's service buildings have been sold off over the years. Always has looked imposing.

Don't know what they are completing next door, just east of Aberfeldy, but it looks like an elaborate walled in courtyard in the middle of nowhere. It is on the site of a home that burned down many years ago, but the new axial gardens and courtyard are far from the renovated carraige house which is now the primary residence. Strange at least to me

Doug Floor Plan said...

Thanks Flo, but I did not make a typo. I'm poking fun at the Realtor who I suspect was trying to say this house has three half-baths. But reading literally the Realtor said this house has:
* One half-bath (toilet & sink),
* One quarter-bath (toilet only), &
* One eight-bath (??? -- maybe a chamber pot on the floor???).

But I AM a robot.

The Ancient said...

I know a couple guys in the country who proudly show off a bathroom that has a urinal but no toilet. What's the math for that?

The Down East Dilettante said...

Realtors have their own English & Math and history, which appear much like the ones we're taught in school, but which in fact are unique to them, as surely as ancient tribal dialects, with all the respective Palladium windows, 3/8 baths and Stanford White designs one could possibly desire.

Nice trees.

Anonymous said...

"Palladium windows"

Yesterday someone with a straight face offered me a palmetto cheese sandwich.


HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

The Daniel Gale listing is for -

The Ancient said...

An Off-Topic link for Zach --

(Historic preservation and Surrealism have a common ancestor? Who knew?)